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In This Corner with James Smith (New!)
The WBC and VADA to Work Together on Drug Testing

The Brad Bogner Show (New!)
Interview with Dr. Margaret Goodman

No Holds Barred Interview with Eddie Goldman (New!)
Dr. Margaret Goodman on Death in Vegas

The Sweet Science (New!)
Fight Doc Margaret Goodman Has Authored “Death in Vegas

Boxing Let’s (New!)
Death in Vegas (Review)

The New York Times
In Debate Over Safety, No Neutral Corner

Dealing with Depression – Boxing’s Ongoing Fight

The Guardian
Dying in the Ring Would Mean Something

Los Vegas Review Journal
Norris Driven To Win Latest Fight
Fighting Dirty: Behind Boxing’s Brain Damage Crisis

Vegas Magazine
These Former Ringside Doctors Want a Clean Fight

ESPN Boxing
Ring Tragedy from a Doctor’s Perspective
Workshop is Latest Effort in Fighter Safety

ESPN Mixed Martial Arts
The Art of the Choke
When Fighter’s Compete, There Will Be Blood

View from ringside: A conversation with Dr. Margaret Goodman of VADA on PEDs, fighter health and more
Dr. Margaret Goodman and VADA hope to educate and clean up boxing Part 1
Part 1
Part 2
Dr. Margaret Goodman Interview

GSP Is Being Honest: It’s The Best Thing That Could Happen to Fighting

Fight Network
The MMA Report

Fight Medicine
Dr. Margaret Goodman of VADA on TRT, PEDs, and Fighter Mental Health

2012 Association of Ringside Physicians Conference
Dr. Margaret Goodman & Victor Conte talk VADA at 2012 ARP Conference

Sports Gross Point Blank with Josh Gross
Interview with Miguel Torres and Dr. Margaret Goodman

No Holds Barred
Dr. Margaret Goodman of Vada on Anti-Doping Education, Testosterone, and the Drug Culture Interview
Outside the Ring: Margaret Goodman
Exclusive: Performance Enhancing Drugs in Boxing



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